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Dr. Anish Koka

As a young resident in training at Temple hospital in Philadelphia, Dr. Koka saw first-hand the effect heart disease had on patients and their families and decided to specialize in cardiology.


As he progressed in his training, he watched fellow doctors swallowed up by big hospital systems, and realized that all important personal touch was being lost in healthcare.


So in 2013, Dr. Koka decided to change the typical medical experience for his patients. He founded Koka Cardiology, a small, private practice to allow for a deeper relationship with patients and provide truly personalized care.

Born in Delhi, Dr. Koka's family immigrated to Pittsburgh where he became a fan of the Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates.  He stayed local, completing his undergraduate training with the nittany lions at Penn State University, and then earning his medical degree from Temple University.


He has resided in the Philadelphia area since and tries to live a "heart healthy" lifestyle by chasing his kids and playing basketball on the local public courts.


His guilty pleasure is his wife Jean's eggplant parm and cannolis from Isgro's.

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